Seminar: Open Source in Content Management

Our project will organise an open seminar on 7th June 2013 in the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences Main Campus in Mikkeli. The seminar Open Source in Content Management will open at 11.15 and the venue is Mikpoli hall. For our international readers I have to confess that the seminar will be in Finnish. We consider to record the seminar and stream the speeches with the help of digital archive services of MUAS. In that case we will inform you later.
The programme consists the keynote speech by Michael Monty Widenius, the founder of MySQL and MariaDB. Mikael Vakkari of the Ministry of Finance will explain the Open Source policy and practice in the Finnish public sector and Antti Leppä of Otavan Opisto will tell the long history and experiences using Open Source in the distance and blended learning, for example.
The second theme is called Open Source and Archives. Dr. Jessica Parland-von Essen, Chief of Archives at Brages Pressarkiv, will tell first about the expectations the archives have for Open Source solutions. The second speaker Osmo Palonen, Project Manager of MUAS, will tell about the ideas behind the Project OSA. The rest of this theme will be connected in the activities done and planned in the project: Mikko Lampi, Lead Engineer of the project will report the studies that are made in the project and in general reported in this blog and also draw an overview of the architecture and Open Source solutions to be build in this project. The students and their teachers will have also an opportunity to shortly present the bachelor’s thesis’ that are in connection with the Project OSA.
At the end of the seminar will be discussion about openness of archives and expertise. In that we like to challenge the memory organisations to find out how the world is changing when the status of archivists and museum specialists as gatekeeper of information is fading away.
The programme of the seminar in Finnish can be found on MUAS website


About Osmo Palonen

I used to work as Project Manager at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences since 2003 until end of May 2014. I have started and developed digital archiving and digitization in projects and customer service operations. My background is in journalism and industrial automation for printing industry. The first one lasted 16 years and the latter 14. As a hobby I am the editor of quarterly Faili, read history and crime books as well as listen to jazz, blues and rock. I am a founding member of FC United of Manchester and life-long supporter of hockey team Kärpät of Oulu. I made my MA in history and IT at the University of Tampere 2011.
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