Development news: digital workspace, access rights and other improvements

It’s time for a brief weekly recap. The general focus was put on user interface and access features. Again, the overall focus was as before but we moved into the next piece of the whole.

Before releasing a public access to our beta software, we need to be sure that data is secure. We have been working with an access rights filter and role based privileges since pre-alpha versions. It is based on external LDAP and embedded in our software code itself and indexed with the data to avoid performance bottlenecks. We are also looking into adding support for external security software. These will be discussed more this spring.


Digital workspace is a place where you can inspect, filter and enrich files before ingesting. It can be used to trigger workflows and manage automated ingesting. Handling lots of files requires a clear interface and good way to summarize the content. Our goal is to build a pre-archive workspace (if that is a term). It should be an easy task to filter, sort and group files to quickly decided what needs to be archived from an external hard disk or a thumb drive, for instance. It can be used to monitor an FTP upload directory or a network directory. Later, we will add the ability to ingest a batch metadata in Excel, CSV or XML file. Now the goal is to create an unified user interface and add very simple ingest workflow. During pilot tests we will expand the functionality.

Now that we have Solr schemas defined, we need to create an integration between Solr and Fedora Commons. Currently, we have GSearch and Apache ActiveMQ operating as middleware. GSearch listens to a message queue, where the Fedora sends messages of the changes to XML and other files (datastreams), and sends them to Solr’s REST interface via XSLT. This will be changed once Fedora 4 is in stable beta, and we can start working with it. The Solr schemas and messaging will stay, but we are looking to replace GSearch with something simpler and more flexible.

Still, there are lots of work to be done until beta.



About Mikko Lampi

I'm an open-minded technologist interested in data, design, software, business and a better future. I work as a Research Manager at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences.
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