Beta released

Open Source Archive beta was published yesterday. You can visit it at The default interface is used to search and inspect the public content (which is currently very limited). Once logged in, you can access the full features for information managers, researchers and archive administrators. If you would like to have a test account, just drop me an email or leave your details in a comment. In future, we will also open a public registration for test accounts. The final software will be released as open source and provided with a SaaS model if you prefer a turnkey solution.

Current emphasis on development has been on core features (access rights, archive management, ingest, description, searching and indexing) and the user interface of course. Next on the roadmap we have multiple pilot cases in which we develop more advanced features and solutions to specific problems. Here are a few highlights: batch and automated ingests, distributed workflows and discovering and visualizing the metadata and other contents for end users (both researchers and non-researchers). 

The project personnel and the control group were both satisfied. There has been lots of work to get this far. Still, the software is very much in development and we will keep on making it better, more pleasant and loaded with useful features. We would be grateful for all the feedback and critical comments. And we take the feedback and people very seriously. Weekly updates are released to fix any inconveniences and bugs there might be in the first beta. We don’t plan to release perfect software by designing it ourselves. That would be impossible. We learn and iterate, so each release will be better.



About Mikko Lampi

I'm an open-minded technologist interested in data, design, software, business and a better future. I work as a Research Manager at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences.
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