Summary and Closing

As the year changed into 2015, Open Source Archive project was completed. However, this doesn’t mean the end of OSA as a platform and software. This post is a high level overview of what we achieved, what we released and what is coming next.

OSA was a development project in the first place. Many of the results are are packed into the OSA software but we did a few publications as well. Like all software, OSA is never really complete. Once the initial roadmap is done, we can add new features and improve the existing. There are always some tweaking, additional user interfaces and such to be developed. We are proud to declare OSA as a pilot ready platform. Surely there could be a couple of bugs and missing features but that’s the nature of software. The final release of OSA project is aimed to be further developed into a production ready software or adopted as a platform for any digital archive or repository project.


  • Content agnostic digital archive and repository platform
  • Premade models for common objects (document, audio, moving image, picture etc.)
  • Ingest, management and distribution of digital contents (files and/or metadata)
  • Full-text and natural search
  • Flexible and granular access management
  • Linked data and ontology support
  • SaaS and multitenancy support
  • Completely customizable user interface, content models and preservation policies
  • And lots more


In addition, six bachelor thesis were made during the project

The software developed during the project is made available as open source on Github. There is also compact documentation and example configurations to get you started. We also provide a working demo for fast evaluation.

Github repository:
Demo site:

As the project is now completed, it is likely that this blog is not updated anymore. We could use it to communicate future developments but we haven’t decided the channels yet. The Github repository and the demo site will be kept updated with the latest releases, documentation and contact information.

Thank you for following these posts. If you wish to stay in touch or ask anything, just drop an email to or

About Mikko Lampi

I'm an open-minded technologist interested in data, design, software, business and a better future. I work as a Research Manager at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences.
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